1. T-bol

    Is anyone on this or currently tried it? I couldnt find one negative review on the stuff, so i ordered a bottle, standard dose is 6 caps a day i may gradually work my way up to more

  2. Uh...turinabol? Not exactly a supplement..

  3. There is actually an oldschool PH called T-Bol 100, I believe it was 1,4AD stacked with something else. I bought a few bottles once on clearance somewhere, can't say that it added anything to the other two or three PHs I was using at the time. I may still have an empty bottle at home, but I believe the manufacturer was Chemsport or something like that.

  4. think he means the t-bol they sell at vitamin shoppes, comes in an orange box. believe its made by thermolife.

  5. Its got a decent ingredient profile, haven't heard much feedback on it. Seems like a solid product, I guess your the guinea pig :P

  6. There are quite a few logs on bb.com for this supp and feedback seems good so it should be a good run.


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