Greens in a shake

  1. Greens in a shake

    Are these type of formulas any good?

    Greens Edge Matrix

    Spirulina 1000mg
    Barley Greens 500mg
    Alfalfa 500mg
    Brown Rice Powder 300mg
    Beet Root Powder 300mg
    Carrot Powder 300mg
    Chlorella 200mg
    Broccoli 100mg
    Wheat Grass 100mg
    Buckwheat 100mg
    Spinach 50mg
    Sweet Potato Extract 50mg
    Cabbage Leaf 50mg
    Brussel Sprout 50mg
    Dulse Seaweed 25mg
    Kelp 25mg
    Green Algae 25mg
    Cauliflower 25mg
    Kale 25mg
    Aloe Vera 25mg
    Parsley 25mg
    Celery 20mg

    Essential Fatty Acid Blend

    Organic Non-GMO Lecithin 2000mg
    Flax Seed Oil 200mg
    Borage Oil 25mg
    Pumpkin Seed Oil 25mg
    Primrose Oil 25mg
    Sunflower Oil 25mg
    Sesame Oil 25mg
    Coconut Oil 25mg


    Apple Fiber Powder 300mg
    Apple Pectin 100mg
    Oat Bran Powder 30mg
    Organic Psyllium 30mg
    Inulin 15mg

    Advanced Phytonutrient Complex

    Acerola Berries 100mg
    Goji Berry 100mg
    Pomegranate 100mg
    Blueberry Fruit Powder 100mg
    Licorice Root 100mg
    Quercetin 25mg
    Green Tea Extract 25mg
    Grape Seed Extract 25mg
    Raspberry 25mg
    Apricot 25mg
    Elderberry 25mg
    Blackberry 25mg
    Cranberry 25mg
    Strawberry 25mg
    Bilberry Extract 10mg
    Pineapple 10mg
    Plum 10mg
    Cherry 10mg
    Orange 10mg
    Grape 10mg
    Lycopene 3mg
    Resveratrol 3mg
    Lutein 3mg

    Herbal Remedies

    Royal Jelly 100mg
    Cranberry Extract 100mg
    Astragalus Extract 25mg
    Milk Thistle Extract 25mg
    Siberian Ginseng 25mg
    Ginkgo Biloba Extract 25mg
    Cinnamon Bark Extract 15mg
    Hawthorn Berry Extract 15mg
    Dandelion Extract 15mg
    Black Pepper Extract 1mg
    Protease 10liquid softgel

    Digestive Provisions

    Fructooligosaccharides 300mg
    Probiotic Blend 300mg
    Papaya 25mg
    Protease 10SAPU
    Amylase 100DU
    Lipase 100FIP
    Cellulase 100LU


  2. yup... and MST puts out MycoGreens, which are caps and super convenient.

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