shredded stack

  1. shredded stack

    i am going to use a fat burner in a few weeks and stack it with hmb,zma...i have been using creatine for awhile so i want to give my body a few weeks off. I might also use a no2 product....

    animal stack or D4 celucore
    nitrix or no2 black any other favorites?
    fish oil
    optimum nutrion multi
    hmb and zma

    there is my stack if i do wait on i might add green bulge creatine caps


  2. thanks man, how the hell do you use it?

  3. thanks do others agree ??

  4. That's a pretty sweet deal... I have used Eviscerate with some success ... I just bought 3 bottles for my contest prep. It'll keep you warm in the winter!!
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  5. ok idk for sure about it yet but im thinking about it

  6. any other opinions?


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