shredded stack

  1. shredded stack

    i am going to use a fat burner in a few weeks and stack it with hmb,zma...i have been using creatine for awhile so i want to give my body a few weeks off. I might also use a no2 product....

    animal stack or D4 celucore
    nitrix or no2 black any other favorites?
    fish oil
    optimum nutrion multi
    hmb and zma

    there is my stack if i do wait on i might add green bulge creatine caps

  2. thanks man, how the hell do you use it?

  3. thanks do others agree ??

  4. That's a pretty sweet deal... I have used Eviscerate with some success ... I just bought 3 bottles for my contest prep. It'll keep you warm in the winter!!
    LG Sciences sponsored athlete
    Use "walker35" for 35% off at

  5. ok idk for sure about it yet but im thinking about it

  6. any other opinions?


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