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    Hey guys whats the best anti cortisol supplement out there?

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    Hey guys whats the best anti cortisol supplement out there?
    Lean FX is top notch. Just ordered some myself.

  3. Taking Lean Xtreme by DS. Seems to be working great. Solid formula with both 5-AT and 7-OH.

  4. Good reviews out there for lean xtreme and 11-oxo

  5. isn't 11 oxo just a partial cortisol blocker selectly blocking the stomach area? whereas lean xtreme is a complete cortisol blocker?

    also isn't 11 oxo a basic ph?

  6. adipose stored by cortisol is generally stored in the midsection, so all cortisol blockers generally target the abdominal area.

  7. 11-oxo is a ph, but low dosed it does not cause any shutdown and is very effective with cortisol control, I personally with be trying the lean xtreme next cut


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