My Syntrax nitrous log

  1. My Syntrax nitrous log

    Well guys I just recieved my Nitrous yestraday and I will keep yall posted on the details; diet, workout, when i take it, what else i take, and before/after measurements. I could do pics but its soo hard to get lighting right with your friends, so i dont think so...measurements are good enough.

    Measurements 3-10:
    Chest - 45in

    Right Arm - 14 3/8 in (more of a peak and ripped with a vein)

    Left Arm - 14 3/8 in (differently shaped)

    Quad - 22in (where exactly do you measure this?)
    I will try to train my quads in a different way since squats are killing my knee caps, dont worry i looked at my form over and over

    Calves: 15in

    Forearms - 12in

    Waist - 32 1/2in (before taking a ****, i will see if that matters tomorrow)
    BF % - 12.66 (took 5 measurements)

  2. Good luck. Keep us posted.

  3. Good luck bro keep us updated on your gains.

  4. Today was my first doseage, I just put it in this morning with my protein and flaxseed oil shake. I really coudnt tell it was in there.
    The next dose will be 30min pre workout about 330 today along with my first workout with this. I plan to do back and biceps full intensity

  5. Alright, finally!
    This morning I had with my protein and flax shake and then 30min pre workout with some gatorade since Nitrous is unflavored.

    My workout shake consisted of 5 scoops of Ice, 2 servings of gatorade. Today was Back and Biceps.
    Started off with Chin ups: 3 x 8

    Seated Rows:
    1 x 12 @ 100
    1 x 9 @ 110
    1 x 5 (hold at the end) @ 120
    1 x 4 (hold at the end) @ 120

    Lat pulldowns
    1 x 11 @ 90
    1 x 8 @ 110
    1 x 7 @ 110
    1 x 3 @ 120 (hold at the end)

    Bent rows: new
    1 x 10 @ 95
    1 x 8 @ 95
    1 x 8 @ 115 (stopped because my form felt odd even though it was correct)

    Reverse chin ups: 3 sets of BO
    Straight bar curls
    1 x 12 @ 45
    1 x 9 @ 55
    1 x 6 @ 65
    1 x 4 @ 65 (hold at the end)

    Just flexed abs today and hanging leg raises to the sides too.
    My Biceps felt more pumped and still do 7 hours later. I gotta say it was either the Straight bar curls (havent done those in a year) or the Nitrous, I could have done more sets but I was on a time limit since I had tutoring 40min later.

  6. hey guys, im really sorry, during spring break I updated the log which made me realize its hard to the log at other sites, so heres the link:****238403


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