Another Superdrol/Tren cycle..follow along if you'd like

  1. Another Superdrol/Tren cycle..follow along if you'd like

    I won't post up my diet because it varies and you're always just estimating anyway...I'm going to increase calories by 500-1000 (3500-5000), protein by about 50-80 (200-280), and fats I don't pay much attention to....I know I get enough in peanuts and eggs alone

    Fish Oil
    Red Reast Rice
    Milk Thistle
    Grape Seed Extract

    Weeks 1:
    Superdrol - 10 mg's
    Tren - 40 mg's

    Weeks 2-5:
    Superdrol - 20 mg's
    Tren - 80 mg's
    Trenadrol - 60 mg's

    Week 6-7:
    Tren 120 mg's

    Weeks 8-11 (PCT)
    Clomid: 50, 50, 50, 50
    Aromasin: 1, 1, 1, 1
    some type of pre-workout

    Weeks 10-14
    6-Bromo - 12 mg's(to prevent any rebound)

    Today is day 3 so nothing special to report yet
    Started Saturday and did an arms workout

    took sunday off (swamped with 2 papers and 2 tests to study for)

    Today: monday I had a leg day and the placebo effect already had me feelin that my normal heavy sets seemed a bit easier...put 405 on squats for the first time since football season and I got a good double..probably could've gotten 3

    Endurance in lifting isn't up yet but I know it's coming in the next few days...I'm sure already gettin winded on my 5 min cardio preworkout and 15 afterwards...cardio sucks so bad on cycle

    anyway...I'll be logging this...follow along if you'd like

    P.S. the brands I'm using:
    superdrol - Anabolic Formulations SD-Max
    tren - Generic Labz X-Mass
    Trenadrol (I still don't believe it's the same as the other trens)

  2. Also...would it be best to run cabergoline during the cycle or after? I've got a tiny bit of prolactin built up in both nips and i want to try to shrink it...I know I'm running a lot of tren this cycle so I should probably have some letro and caber on hand in case things start gettin out of hand

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