can i take powerlab post cycle with no-xplode?

  1. can i take powerlab post cycle with no-xplode?

    hello everyone, can somebody please advice if i can take Powerlabs PCT with no-xplode?

  2. ....Sigh, yes, you can take them together, but be forewarned that that has got to be the lamest PCT supplement I've ever seen. The stuff has caffeine, CEE and Arg in it - wtf are those doing in there? Not to mention dandelion root: a diuretic? What, because running a PH isn't hard enough on your system, so you have to hit your kidneys too?

    But I digress. Just experiment with timing - taking both Post Cycle and No-Xplode (which is just overpriced caffeine as far as I'm concerned) at the same time might be too much for you, stim wise. I'd take the PC a couple of hours pre-workout and the NO 1/2hr pre-workout.

    ...Seriously though, next time, just buy some AI PC Support or testapro, and some White Flood or Maniac.
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  3. Thanks for the reply its my first cycle =)

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