Major Back Injury Stack

  1. Major Back Injury Stack

    A little background. Training for a 600lb deadlift. Was working on grip strength and was paying close attention to my grip. Rounded my lower back half way up with 425. HUGE MISTSKE!

    That was Saturday

    Pain is still 75% disabling. Most common activities such as showering, dressing and using the restroom have taken on a level of difficulty that results in a comic display of struggling and straining.

    I am keeping a good attitude. I am gong to the chiropractor today and am hoping for some good results. I will hold off on getting an x-ray depending on how I feel in the morning. I want to give the treatment some time to hopefully work it's magic. If need be I will keep getting work done all week.

    I realize that it might be some time before I return to regular training and have formulated a muscle retention, fat minimization program. The following is a rough idea of what I had in mind. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.

    Rehab Program
    Muscle Retention and Fat Minimization Stack

    This will be sipped on all day. The anit-catabolic effect is what I am going for here. Maintain as much muscle possible.

    Keeping GH as high as naturaly possible will help with recovery. GH is also wonderfully anti-catabolic as well as lipolytic. Maintaining muscle and keeping fat at bay is the name of the game. I will add Ghenerate to this as soon as it is available.

    Formadrol XL
    I will be coming off of MMXL. It has only been about two weeks but why risk not running a PCT. This is esspecially true considering the sudden sedentary lifestyle I will be adopting. Keeping the test to estrogen ratio tipped in my favor should once again help maintain muscle and minimize fat gain.

    Lipotropic Protein
    Using this as a low calorie high protein food. Once again help maintain muscle and minimize fat gain, are we seeing a pattern lol.

    Lean Extreme
    Keeping cortisol under wraps will be critical to the overall goal.

    Speed V2
    Depending on how long I am hurt I might add a fat burner. I really do not like the idea of taking a fat burner when not training hard but if fat gains start I will use this.(Diet will be altered the whole time but that is another post altogether).

    Anti Inflammatory
    ZMA(mag relaxes and I have this)
    Cissus RX
    Ultra Blue and Now arnica/msm/glucosamine these are topical

    I will drop the ibuprofen as soon as possible. The rest are there as long as I need.

    I will return to training of some kind as soon as possible. If all I can do is peddle a bike and do wrist curls I will.

    The whole stack above is designed to attempt to keep as much of my current physique in place. If anyone has any suggestions please speak up, any and all brands are fine, I just want to get better here.

    Thank you!
    Reps to anyone who helps.

  2. If your chiro is anygood he should take an xray before starting treatment. At least you are smart enough to go to one right off the bat. The last time I hurt my back doing deads was a friday evening after work and had to wait till monday to see the chiro. By friday night I was so locked up and had so much throbbing pain I wanted to go t the ER and get an epidural shot. Life sucked bad that weekend so I know what you are going through.

  3. xray probably wont help much as it only sees bones, MRI would be better. You can see the disc in your back and muscles. I have hurt my back deadlifting before (not nearly as much weight as you did) but all that you can do is take time. It has been more then a month ago for me and I still have discomfort in my back. I just started foam rolling and got a massage and it seemed to help alot. Massage helps break up all the fat deposits your body stores to protect the muscle and relieve tension in the muscle. I also have been doing yoga poses and stretching more then usual. I only took a week off lifting and then went back just really light out of fear of losing strength. Going to a chiro next week, don't know why I didnt think of that, great idea.

    Are you going to be logging this combo you put together? I would be interested to see how it turns out for you
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  4. its a muscle strain. you dont need an MRI or even plain films. unless its a significant tear you wont see it on MR anyway.
    it'll heal. gentle rehab as tolerated is a good plan.

  5. Thank you guys! I am running a log at b b .com and our home site.
    ***Road to 600: Paved by Lg Sciences***

    On those site I will track my recovery. I could possibly start one here about just the recovery stack above if there was a real interest in it.


  6. good luck. ive been out a few weeks now with herniated discs which come and go.

  7. Damm everyone is injuered I tweeked my back about a week ago too sucks I planned to run a ph cycle in November I was peeking toO In all lift then this injury right before my cycle.I gues that how it goes take care


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