XFactor and ?????

  1. XFactor and ?????

    Havent ran XFactor in about 2yrs and plan on starting another run on Nov. 15. I will be running 1250mg for 50days, but would like to stack it with a non-hormonal product that will compliment the effects of XFactor. What do you guys reccomend or have experience with???

  2. I would go with LCLT, TestoPro, P-slin mega dose of B-12, all except the b-12 increase androgen activity which will lead to strength, free testosterone, size, and fat loss with muscle gain. B-12 will help with red blood cell production to increase the benfits of AA, also it will help to prevent any lethargy from consumption of AA.
    doing my own thang!

  3. I am about to start an x-factor cycle and here is what I was thinking:
    Oral Sustain Alpha

    60 min preworkout-
    Protein shake with endoamp max

    30 min preworkout-
    Cordygen 5
    4.5g PLCAR
    Citrulline malate

    Any suggestions on how this looks? Too much?

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