Protein drinks.

  1. Question Protein drinks.

    I am looking for a new protein drink that is easy to mix. I have been using PRO-RATED whey but I am sick to death of having to mix it in a blender or put up with the lumps. I looked into the board sponsor (of course) and noticed that their whey protein has 15mg of cholesterol per serving. My doctor is on my cased about my blood work so that is a no go. Also I am diabetic so I need it to be low carbs. Any suggestions? (also needs to be cheap)

    1. Easy to mix in milk or water (no lumps).
    2. Low carbs.
    3. No/low cholesterol or at least the good type cholesterol.
    4. Am on a budget for a couple of months. Need to be reasonable.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I to have been using Pro-rated for a long while now, but haven't had any mixing problems.

    What I tried in the past and also just recently ordered for a change of pace is EAS simply whey. Available at vitaglo for $20.78 5lb tub (free shipping). I remember it mixing and tasting good, also low in carbs/cholesterol. If you want I can get back to you when I get it in a few and let you know. Just PM me.

  3. Optimum Nutrition has only 10mg chol, and is easy as hell for me to mix in a shaker cup. You can also get a 10lb bag (like 160 servings) for under 50 bucks.

    If not, checkout, they have tons of good deals.

  4. I've used ON and EAS, chocolate with both. They tasted good and mixed well in water and milk. I've heard good about one of the board sponsors...allthewhey, people seem to like them.

    These are some of the brands where you will get more bang for your buck. PN sells the 5lb jug of ON for $25.00. There are other sites where you can find it for maybe $1.00 cheaper, but I'd pay the extra just for the customer service.

    Check the cheapest supplements thread for some company names.

  5. Skye, Try DC's protein from his company:

    Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchange, it mixes with everything very easy, no clumps and he has super fast shipping...
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  6. actually I really do like all the whey's protein.. good stuff.. and I have tried a few in my time

  7. I use Pro-Rated and have not encountered a mixing problem whe I use a shaker cup. Are you mixing it with a spoon ? If so, than that's gonna cause lumps of protein.

  8. I use Biochem.

  9. Thanks guys

  10. I meant Bioplex.
  11. Dymatize

    Try out Dymatize "Butter Cream Toffee".

    I get thanked by every person i've ever reccomended it to.

    It tastes like your drinking the milk left in your cereal bowl after a huge bowl of frosted flakes, or some other type of sugar cereal.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    I use Pro-Rated and have not encountered a mixing problem whe I use a shaker cup. Are you mixing it with a spoon ? If so, than that's gonna cause lumps of protein.
    Yah, using a spoon. will try the shaker

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    Yah, using a spoon. will try the shaker
    That's deff. your problem right there...get a shaker and the lumps will be no more.


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