Chuck's Diet/Supplement plan

  1. Chuck's Diet/Supplement plan

    I'm currently 5'8.5" 198 at 11-12% BF, I couldn't help but to do one last bulking cycle before cutting. Carbs are a bit low for a bulking cycle so it isnt an all-out bulk. Check it out.

    7:15 AM

    1 cup raw oats (with cinnamon and syrup to taste)

    1 scoop whey protein with 8 oz. skim milk

    8 oz. water

    1 multi-vitamin

    1 glucosamine/chondroitin tablet

    500 MG green tea extract

    500 MG NAC

    9:30 AM

    Pro Complex Bar

    8 oz. water

    12:15 PM

    Roast beef sandwich (2 servings worth) on wheat bread with 2 slices reduced fat cheese

    1 servings of nuts and raisins

    1 piece reduced fat string cheese

    16 oz. water

    2:30 PM (naptime snack)

    1/2 Pro Complex Bar

    8 oz. water

    5:30 PM (pre workout)

    3 scoops Gatorade powder

    1 scoop Nectar

    1 serving Swole V.2

    7.5 grams glutamine

    5:45 PM (during workout)

    1 serving Swole V.2

    6:00 PM (post workout)

    2 scoops whey protein

    1/3 cup maltodextrin

    300 MG ALA

    500 MG Vitamin C

    7:15 PM

    8 oz. lean meat or fish

    Raw broccoli and carrots with reduced fat ranch dressing

    cup brown rice

    500 MG NAC

    500 MG Vitamin C

    500 MG green tea extract

    1 glucosamine/chondroitin tablet

    10:45 PM

    1 scoop Isomatrix Reloaded

    8 oz. skim milk

    5 grams glutamine

    5 grams taurine

    B-25 Complex

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  2. Doesn't seem like too much of a bulking diet to me. More like a maintenance or cutting. How many cals does it all add up to? Personally, I would add some egg whites to your morning meal, and some ground oats to your p/w shake. I wold also add another meal in there somewhere, like a chicken breast with some brown rice, yams, or baked potato. I would also lose the raisins in your noon meal, very high GI. For your before bed meal, I would look into some cottage cheese and natural peanut butter.

    Best of luck to ya.

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