1 g phenibut = 2 days hangover? What to do?

  1. 1 g phenibut = 2 days hangover? What to do?

    2 days ago i took phenibut for the first(maybe the last) time. Felt ok but when I was going to bed I felt nausea and next morning It was like ive been gang-raped by warewolfs with headache and overall ****ty feeling. Now 2 days after I still feel like ****! Is this even possible? Now what? Anything that could help the symptoms of phenibut(t) hangover.


  2. Some people just get that but 2 days is something weird. Does Gaba mess you up too? Gabergenics might just not be for you. I can take a couple grams and drink and be ok.

  3. There's not much that can help to my knowledge, except time. Just wait it out. You should definitely feel better within the next day or two.

  4. How much did you take? You obviously took too much but you should probably stay away from it. Only time will get you back to normal. Stuff is serious.
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