Sterol complex and Animal Stak

  1. Sterol complex and Animal Stak

    On my last day of The stak and recieving My Sterol Complex today, wanna try both tonight at the Gym with my Hemo Rage Pre workout. Should i worrry about The Animal stak and Natural Sterol Complex causing a neg reaction or conteracting eachother? let me know fellas. Kinda looking forward to the mixure tho haha

  2. There won't be any contradiction, you can proceed.

    How did you like Animal Stak?

  3. Talking

    Cool Thanks! Its my second Cycle and Im happy with it, just wish it had an energy pill, Like the M-stak. I did 21 days of the Stak, then Mstak without a break between followed by a week off of both then back on The Stak. Will most likely do another cycle with both the stak and Mstak. Thanks Again!

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