creatine/supp help

  1. creatine/supp help

    Hey guys

    I'm trying to put some mass on. Im 180lbs, 5"9, body fat is 7% i'm fairly happy with where i'm at now in the gym strength wise but I'm trying to get bigger. I have a very regimented lifting schedule, getting to the gym isnt a problem for me and I am very very conscious in my diet. I'm just finishing a month of cell tech. I've taken size-on,and eas phosfogen (edit- it censored out the proper spelling idk why) in the past. I normally do 2 months on and 1 month off. I'm currently taking bcaa's, glucosamine&Chondroitin, L-ornithine, flax seed oil, taurine,l-arginine, alpha lipoic, and beta alanine (obviously not all at the same time of the day) I just picked up NOW's monohydrate, mainly because it was only $15 for 250 1.5 tablets and i'm short on cash. From my understanding creatine needs sugar to work. Is this true? The bottle reads 3 tablets 1 to 3 times daily. I think thats a little excessive considering 3 tablets is 4.5g of creatine. So what i'm wondering is
    -take the creatine with a fruit juice for the sugar?
    - Do I need to add any other Aminos?
    - what would be another good supp to add to what i've got going so far, thats not a tbooster

    I've taken halo-50,promag, pplex and mass tabs in the past. I'm not new to lifting i used proper post cycle and I know I didn't screw my system up. Granted i'm only 20 years old I know i shouldn't have been taking that stuff in the first place but i've moved on from that. With the supplement market I dont know what products work and dont work. I've been reading these forums for a few years now and i've read product reviews but im not too sure what to throw in with the creatine, if anything, or wait for the 1 month i'm off. ANY input positive or negative would be appreciated

  2. You have taken steroids and dont know how to take creatine. Awesome.

  3. Dude are you really 5'9" 180 and 6% body, those are pretty sick stats bro, are you naturally that lean or did you just come off a long? If you are always that lean then I suggest you eat as much as you can, every meal, haha then you will gain lbs!

    As far as the creatine goes I think the philosophy is the sugar helps spike your insulin levels real high to help "drive" the creatine in your muscles, I hear a lot of people go with 50-100 grams with their creatine, thats why cell tech has all that "pharmaceutical grade dextrose" and blah blah blah in it, supposedly helping with that. But I know many people on low carb diets will just use a lot more when loading etc, some people will advocate post work out carbs with it and some don't. If you want to stay away from high amounts of sugar try 5 grams 4 times a day for 1-2 weeks, then 5 grams pre and post workout, that may work, it may not, everyone has different responses to monohydrate...for me I need very large doses to have an effect, and all those crazy new creatine formulas have done nothing for me, just my 2 cents

  4. FYI you may want to get some bloodwork done, check your liver enzymes, cholesterol, and hormone levels, I don't know how old you were when you took the halo etc...but it might be good to check your baselines and make sure you are good and healthy, and your natural hormone levels are ok

  5. yeah man no joke 7% bf, i'm a swimmer so its impossible for me to really gain any weight. I do eat as much or as little as i think is necessary, thanks for your imput

  6. i had mono last year, when the bloodwork was done for that i had everything else run, everything came back fine

  7. I train to failure for 3 sets in a row its awesome lol.

    Should have gotten powder more economical especially since that was an issue. Def eat more if u want more size.


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