Clenviscerate Clarification

  1. Clenviscerate Clarification

    Ok, I am planning on starting a cut soon and incorporating Clenviscerate (3 mL Eviscarate combined with 40 mcg clen/app) 2 days on, 2 days off.

    My question is what can I use systemically? I have Diablos ECA Fire caps and Recreate on hand. Would using the ECA while using the Clenviscerate be risking too much at once for the receptors, or no since the clen is topical??

    My other question is what diet would go best with this? Would CKD be a good choice or do you recommend something else?

    Thanks guys.

  2. I would like to know this aswell

  3. Dont use ECA with your clenbuterol, yes you will fry your receptors and you wont get the optimal effect from either clenbuterol or the ephedra. Another thing, the 2on/2off protocol is flawed. Clenbuterol has a halflife of 36 hours. This means as you probably know that the active compound in clen is still in your system 36 hours later. That leaves you a 12 hour period to restore receptor function again which no where enough. It would be better for you to do a 14on/14off or 7on/7off protocol.

  4. Skip the clen topically IMO. I've tried various options, never found topical clen effective, use the eviscerate with systemic clen.

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