x-tren and sd stack questions

  1. x-tren and sd stack questions

    First I am a newbie to this forum and to prohormones. I have performed my research and am on the start of my second week of a s-drol (super nox) cycle, of which is only going to be a 3 week cycle followed by PCT. I know this thread type has probably been done to death but I would still like input on my current cycle plan and next cycle plan. As far as my age 46, ht. 5' 10'
    wt.176lbs, workout 5-6 days a week.

    Current cycle. *Note* last 2 days off as per directions on super nox
    week 1 10mg per day for 5 days last 2 days off.
    week 2 20mg per day for 5 days last 2 days off.
    week 3 like week 3.

    Supps. during cycle:
    Milk Thistle- 800mg per day
    Red Yeast Rice- 1200mg per day
    Fish oil- 2000mg per day
    C0q-10- 200mg per day
    Saw Palmetto- 480 mg per day

    PCT. 3 week cycle
    Liquid Nolva 20mg per day for 21 days (from all I read the active dose is 20mg)
    AX Advanced PCT as per directions for 21 days
    All supps. used during cycle

    6 Weeks wait time to next cycle.

    The next cycle I am looking at after this one if all goes well would consist of X-tren and M-drol(same as S-drol). Looking for advice on a easy cycle to do
    and still get decent gains in size and strenght.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks.

  2. damn, you are asking for advice? hell you should write a book, if i were still doing cycles i would ask YOU for advice.

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  3. anabolic forum is down there....

    and i dont think your pct is adequate. and why skip 2/7 days? either pulse it or just take it.

  4. As far as skipping 2 of the seven days I was just following the super nox directions of no more than 5 days in a row. I am going to go ahead and finish running it straight for the rest of the duration (7 days left). What do you think is light in my PCT? Suggestions? Also I haven't experienced any sides so far.

    As far as my nexted planned cycle any suggestions on running M-DROL with X-TREN. Both products from CEL if it matters.

  5. 1st, both these products are steroids...please keep discussions involving steroids/PH in the anabolics section. these are not supplements.

    2nd, there's no reason to run sd 5days on and 2 days off.

    3rd, you need more than 6 weeks between cycles. rule of thumb is a min of (cycle time + PCT)*2...in this case that would equal 12 weeks between cycles for you.

    4th, there's no reason to stack sd and tren...they are both very potent! also, you'd really be pushing the envelope of prolactin based gyno and sides...lactating/etc! if you have issues with prolactin then you'll prob need more than just nolva! prolactin inhibitors like caber open new opportunity for sides.

    5th, (kinda a repeat) beginners shouldn't run SD and should def not be stacking it with anything!
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