Are any fat burners safe?

  1. Are any fat burners safe?

    I was thinking about adding a fat burner to my routine, but it seems everyday there's another recall or report on the dangers of fat burners. So, are any of them proven to be safe? Like, for real?

  2. green tea pills

  3. Quote Originally Posted by juice3320 View Post
    green tea pills
    Yeah, I take green tea but I don't notice a difference.

  4. look into primordial performances fat burning stack

  5. not everything is safe for everybody.

    but for the 99% of people, go with proven things like ephedrine,caffeine, forskolin,fish oil,arginine + glutamine,yohimbine, etc these are things that have been proven to burn fat.

    and you dont need to buy a bottled and packaged product either - you can make your own.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  6. Or if you want something that is safe and you hear very little negative feedback about, look into Recreate by USP. Not stim loaded, proven ingredient profile and not too harsh on the stomach. Plus, if you only need 3 a day the bottle last a long time. Just an idea, but if you want stims just make your own like what was suggested above.

  7. trial and error, my friend...

    go by what your body tells you and how you react to different products... and of course, do research on prospective products before running them.


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