caffeine question

  1. caffeine question

    Iv been seen this new form of caffeine but forgot the name for it. Can someone refresh me on this new form of caffeine. Supposedly you use less and get the same effects.

  2. caffein anhydrous?

  3. No. That is jut caffeine with out water.

    I think it was caffeine HCL?!? I remember some prework out products are starting to use it.

  4. i dont understand this at all.

    what effect are you looking to get from caffeine that (1) or (2) 200mg tablets cannot get you?

    are you concerned with toxicity from too many mgs of caffeine?

    i just dont understand the advantage to having a more bio available form of something that is so cheap to take more of anyway.........especially if it is non toxic to do so.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  5. I just wanted to know the name of it. A friend is concerned with 250 mg so by telling him to consume 50 or even 100mg of this other form may be more appealing to him.

  6. Any one?

  7. Methylxanthines from yerba mate? Theobromine? Young abe lincoln?

  8. I saw it in a prework out product just recently and they had mentioned it but I don't remember then ame of the product.


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