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    Im 16, almost 17 and have been lifting for about 2 years, with a break in there from surgery. Im am still pretty small (I weigh 130) I was originally planning on going on a prohormone such as p6 black, but after some research decided not to. I just bought a product called Jungle Warfare from ALRI and before I started it I wanted a few questions answered. I am aware that it is an herbal supplement and still an AR, but I wanted to know if I would be experiencing any of the same side effects from a prohormone. I am still growing and wanted to know if it will stunt my growth in any way. I would also like to know any risks with my liver, endocrine system, my boys, or anything else.

  2. JW has had a sketchy past, so I wouldn't risk using it at your age. Also, pro-hypertrophic is just a fancy way of saying it'll help with muscle growth.

    Quick breakdown:
    -ic: pertaining to
    trophy: increase in size, number, or girth (girth in ths case)
    hyper: excessive or increase

    Essentially, it helps to increase muscle size, but they used medical terminology.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Quote Originally Posted by gouldunit View Post
    Im 16, almost 17. I am still growing and wanted to know if it will stunt my growth in any way. I would also like to know any risks with my liver, endocrine system, my boys, or anything else.

    WARNING: NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS "UNDER THE AGE OF 21" YEARS. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do NOT consume this product if you have a medical condition and/or taking any prescription medication. Do not exceed recommended serving. Discontinue use and call a physician or licensed qualified health care professional immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, or other similar symptoms.

    ALRI doesn't have this disclaimer to sell more supps. Take heed. It behooves you to.

    Tell you what. I'll trade you my gear for your nat test levels. You don't need something like JW at this point in your life. It is a hormone modulator and will mess with your developing body's homeostasis in a negative way for certain. In contrast to the question regarding sides, the more pertinent question you should seriously consider is, Is it worth taking the risk of experiencing any side effects. The rational answer is no. Especially considering the efficacy of such a product for someone of your age. If you are looking for a solid supplement for gaining weight then may I suggest focusing on researching the value of eating clean and in proper proportions. This will bring you results if coupled with a disciplined training regimen.

    I'm not lecturing here, just trying to be informative and give you some suggestions in line with your best interest. Good luck with your endeavor.

  4. Agree with previous posts. I wouldn't go that route. Cottage cheese, eggs, lean meats - in excess - and training. You'll get ripped. I didn't believe it myself when I was younger. Thought if I wasnt on some magic pill then I'd never get to where I wanted to be but then I started to get my diet right and i saw major changes. At your age, with your metabolism, you should consume 3000+ calories at 130 lbs. You'd have no problem going to 150 or 160 by spring, then cut to a lean 150.
    Back.... for real this time

  5. Hey thanks guys I really appreciate all the help. I get what your saying, thats pretty much what you hear most people tell people under 18. I understand that the overall advice would be to keep more natural, such as protein, creatine, and all that. Ive also done some research into JW and I dont think it looks like the product for me, so im definitely going to have to go with yall's advice there. But if I was looking into something, what would you guys have to say about the product p6 extreme? I was talking to a professional at my local nutritional retailer and he was saying that this one would be the product for me. Is is pretty much the same as JW?



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