s-roid n bold 200 stack advice

  1. s-roid n bold 200 stack advice

    ite i got some s-roid and bold 200 im going to stack it and run pct with some clomid i plan on week 1.s-roid 10 mg a day then week 2, 20 mg week 3, 30 mg week 4, you guessed it 30 mg week five mabe 30 mabe 40 depends on body....... and the bold 200, 400 mg a day and gradually increase to 600 on the second week and continue with that. do i need anything other than clomid on pct???? kinda new to this did my research tho want other opinions dude at the nutrition store didnt no shiiiit....i also have serious mass for my shakes jack3d for pre-workout and dark matter for post work out... what do you think let me no thanx

  2. would not advise to 40mg on sd. If this is your first cycle no need to even use sd.
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  3. wut do you mean???? i have taken methadrol before.... explain more please

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