Do you like Arachidonic Acid ???????

  1. Do you like Arachidonic Acid ???????

    It's my 2nd cycle of AA, with Halodrol Liquids Gels (EU Version) + Hemodraulix.

    4 days, great all pump, erections, libido...

    what do u think about this product?


  2. I love AA, but it takes a few weeks to accumulate in the body for noticeable effects. I don't get the DOMS like most, but it really exacerbates any injuries I many incur.
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  3. thanks rodja

    and with cissus ? for injuries

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DaveMcNaul View Post
    thanks rodja

    and with cissus ? for injuries
    It's acute trauma from MMA. Ice is really the only thing that will help.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. I love some ArA...using it again right now..I get the DOMS real bad and notice good recomp, pumps, and vascularity.
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  6. Yes I love eggs.

  7. Ive done 3 cycles and to b honest I wasnt that impressed, I stacked it with formex, not much 2 write home about, but use it during a cycle and it does make a diff but buy itself, not extreamly effective ive used x factor and max out (6 pills a day) would I try again yes but only during a cycle


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