Middle of cycle/flu/cold, now what?

  1. Middle of cycle/flu/cold, now what?

    Well here I am in the middle of my 1 T Tren/Epi. Bridge. I have all the cold/flu symptems except a temp. Ive been off work 3 out of 5 days, but ****ty for 7 all together. Im holding nothing down except water, gatoraide, toast, and some oatmeal. Im down 7 lbs, but Im keeping hydrated. Questions:

    -Do I pick up where I left off (5 pumps 1 T) (30 mg Epi)
    -When to go back to the gym
    -My resident Dr. (my wife) is a P.A, but has no clue about the cycle, so Im trying to monitor the sides and make sure Im not having some kind of complication, with the flu being a complicating factor.

    Thanks for the imput

  2. hey man wrong thread. post this in anabolics if you want anyone to answer

  3. Quote Originally Posted by juice3320 View Post
    hey man wrong thread. post this in anabolics if you want anyone to answer
    OOps, my head is as clear as mush........Thanks

  4. Yea i was wondering what too do if that happens to?

  5. Just fight through it and do the best you can.

    If you stop your cycle you will lose your gains.

    Just my 02

    PS - Estrogen plays a part in keeping your immune system strong



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