Where can I find the Cheapest "Milk-Thistle"

  1. Where can I find the Cheapest "Milk-Thistle"

    Just wondering where I can purchase the cheapest Milk Thistle available

    Either online or like somewhere at Wal-Mart?

    Do they even sell it at Wal-mart??????

    thanks guys!

  2. I usually go to Vitamin World for stuff like that.

  3. I think they sell Rexall brand at Wal-Mart. I recall it is quite cheap.

  4. I get from Wal-mart

  5. saWeeeT thanks guyz!!!

  6. Thumbs up

    you can buy a huge bottle of standardized milk thistle by trunature from Costco for around $12. It's only available online now since the demand at the store was too low to stock anymore. that's the best quality milk thistle at the best price. i guarantee it!

  7. kilosports has it very cheap.

  8. Kilosports had it for $40 for 1000 caps 250mg, I think it's up to $50 now though.

  9. haha thats not cheap to me ^^^^

    im looking to spend bout 5 dollars HAHAHA
    that might sound bad, but its true...

    Im only going to be doing the milk thistle on PCT
    which is 3 weeks long

    Holla wit the PRICES, not the names!!! come on guys! hahahaha

  10. It sounds like you will need to wait until you have the money to do this right, based on your other posts. Half-assed is no way to go about using substances that can have long term effects if not used properly.

    You may want to shrink that avatar, its annoying to see a giant a photo that takes up half the screen.

  11. Bro, cheap is not necessarily better, I'd get quality Milk Thistle since it's something I'm putting into my body, it's not like you're buying something you can go cheap on like shaving cream or toilet paper.

  12. ^^ exactly lol

    Go for the Good Stuff!!!!!
    Do it the right way!!

    Oh, and bout his avatar, hahaha CHILL OUT bout it
    Big Avatars are COOL baHAHAHAHAHAHA

    GOOD LUCK!!!


  13. They are annoying. And you need to clear it with us before you post links to other boards which we are not familiar with
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  14. ok im sorry ^^

    Im new here I didnt know that!

    but u didnt have to erase my stats

  15. I didn't mean to. I accidently deleted the link and everything below. When I tried to fix it, all I was getting was jibberish. So, sorry bout that...
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  16. price per cap.... kilosports. if you just looking for a small amount, just go to your local vitaminshoppe and pick up a bottle. Just make sure its standarized 80% and you arent getting jipped

  17. The one at Walmart is Rexall or some other brand is 1000mg caps, I think 50 or more caps for $4.95. I need to go pick up some more. I got 90 250mg caps from allsportsnutrition for $7.

  18. ^ Yea

    Or you can Get Spring Valley or some **** at Wal-Mart
    For only $5.08 LoL

  19. Cuffs, although I agree with you we can't have posts like that. Thats just blantantly flaming a guy. Its someone's God given right to be a moron.



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