best muscle gain and weight loss

  1. best muscle gain and weight loss

    so they knocked our famous venom hyperdrive out of the market? except for the erection problems and occasionally heart beat increased, i think this product worked magically!?!?!? i used the 2.0 about a year ago and stopped working out, now im back in dhe gym and need a good diet pill that will
    1. supress appetite
    2. burn fat
    3. give me energy

    im just looking to boy one bottle so just give me your best suggestion for all three effects, im not looking to drug myself with 5 different supplements!!!! i smoke enough weed which should cover drugs in my body!?!?!?!

    ohh yeah, and i hear nitro-tech is the best around when it comes to muscle size increasement, any suggestions on that? and if not which one will you recommend?!?!?

    im looking to buy both muscle gain protein and weight loss pill by the end of this week

    im an athletic 6"1 with 195-200 lbs.

    thanks!?!?! this page is dhe best and what makes it best is you!?!? our users!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. the best fat burners i have used were black china labs EPH, nutrex lipo 6X and biotest hot-rox. caffeine naturally supresses my appetite but im pretty sure none of them have specific apetite suppressants in them ( gotta fight the munchies eh?). as far as muscle building proteins go, IMO its pointless trying to build muscle and lose fat as your efforts to build muscle will only hinder your fat loss. to build muscle you need calories and you want to be keeping your calories low and controlled. take HMB and glutamine alongside your protein to preserve muscle size but dont try and build. -AC-

  3. ok, well like i said in my first post, i havent been in the gym in months, i dont have the amount of muscles i had before, so your telling me i have to decide on either gaining muscles or losing weight but i cant do both?

  4. you can but it takes TIME and diet has to be perfect, cant over do cardio either.

  5. im not saying its impossible but its a very very slow process. in order to burn fat you need to be eating a calorie defecit diet, whereas to build muscle you need a calorie surplus above your maintenance calorie intake. if you try and do both you will meet in the middle and end up at maintenance calories. this will mean that you may increase muscle mass slightly and your body fat may drop a small amount but you would get far greater gains by picking one direction and following it 100%. i recommend bulking first as your muscle memory will help massively. you can bulk much quicker when fat is involved, lean muscle is far harder to build.



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