7-oxo and clen

  1. 7-oxo and clen

    Would stacking 7-oxo with clen be a good idea to take pct? I will maintain the amount of calories that I take during the cycle through pct. I want to stay as lean as possible because I am going on vacation right after my last week of pct.

  2. By the way I will be taking ab-solved.

  3. Yes, it's a solid combo IMO. I also personally like to add extra Flax Oil PCT and Zinc.

  4. I know ab-solved works by reducing cortisol and by some thermogenic processs in the liver that increases thyroid production. Would this be bad to take pct after m1t due to liver toxicty issues?

  5. I always use 7-oxo with PCT after M1t & everything else. It does not contribute to liver toxicity.



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