can someone help me with this please?

i have read and read and i get mixed results

looks like dopamine gets incrased if you miss sleep,,,

serotonin gets activated by light, and opposes melatonin

things like Melanotan reduces serotonin and cortisol, thats why some people feel like garbage on that stuff but get horny because its dopaminergic

that means dopa and SERT are opposite

a few drops of pramipexole knocks me out or make me feel tired and irritable and useles...

havent tried 5htp but today i am taking 500mg tryptophan throughout the day, seems okay, not sleepy

also taking piracetam and aGPC,,,they worked AWESOME! for the first week then i am all tired, depressed and dont want to do sht

now im thinking do i have too high sert or too low sert or too high dopa vice versa

my cortisol was dropping, because my bp was going down with low appetite and other signs that i am fmilar with (had really high cort before)

any inputs will be appreciated, thank you