For once GNC was worth it.

  1. For once GNC was worth it.

    Hit up my local GNC today to poke around and came away with 2 150 Count Primes the 33% stronger ones for a total of 83.99. I was very surprised how cheap it was the 20% of for gold card week helped and then another 34$ off for Buy one get one half off deal.

    For once i was surpised GNC came through.

  2. Every now and again during gold card week I'll grab a tub of protein or vitamins, but that's about all I'll get from them.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. i always check their clearance shelf if i'm by there... normally can get isopure bottles with 2 months left on the exp date for like a buck.50 or lower...

    i came up on 4 4-pks of FRS low-carb energy drinks for 3 bucks each too...

    but thats all i got to GNC for

  4. i got ON 5lb whey for $16 last time i went in...

  5. anyone have a GNC gold card number i can use? please PM me... if this is against the rule please edit... i looked though the rule and didnt find anything on this kind of post.

  6. I agree, when there doing there BOGO 50% off, then top off with the gold card your getting a killer deal!...


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