Question for everyone who has tried "green vergetable" type powders or supplements?

  1. Question for everyone who has tried "green vergetable" type powders or supplements?

    I have been seeing greens powders gain a lot of momentum lately. I realize this is a bodybuilding forum. But general health is something we should all be concerned about as well.

    To those of you who have taken them or currently do take them. Can you enlighten us on whether you feel they are actually effective? Have you seen any noticeable benefits on them? Do you feel better on them?

    Other important factors may be how many actual vegetables you get in your diet without them. I have no particular product in mind when making this thread as there are several, but it would be useful if you can list the brand and product that you take to help us filter out the good ones from the bad.

  2. most of the greens powders have a bit of not quite useless stuff in them, you'd be better off try one of the berry powders, like primordial's. I've used Greens+, and while it's good for you, there's not much of a noticable effect, outside of being a bit more 'regular'.
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  3. I use Trader Joe's Very Green powder every night with my last meal. I have noticed a big difference. With in my first hour of being awake my body gets completely "cleaned out". Its also helped out big time with my digestion overall, I rarely get bloated or upset stomach like I used to frequently. I feel like my system is just running cleaner, if I miss a day I can feel it in my energy level and in my guy. Helps big time with hangovers too.

  4. i use udos beyond greens now and then. only now and then because it makes me gag. im waiting for MST mycogreen to be available in the UK then i will switch as its capsules.

    i didnt notice any effects to be honest, but im sure it helped with digestion etc.

  5. i've used Greens First brand, and now i'm using MST's MycoGREENS.

    i definitely notice the difference, expecially with MycoGREENS.

    i'm very bad when it comes to eating the greens i need on a daily basis, so supplementing greens in that aspect i feel is super beneficial to me.keeps my energy up and significantly assists the recovery process with the MycoGREENS.



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