Testicular atrophy on Jungle Warfare WTF??

  1. Testicular atrophy on Jungle Warfare WTF??

    Hey guys,

    Two and a half weeks into a cycle of Jungle Warfare right now, and my libido has taken a direct boot the face. Tough to get hard, once I am, barely stays that way, orgasms are weak. And I swear to god my nuts are about half the size they usually are. Anyone care to comment? Anyone experianced this? I thought this batch was supposed to be clean, But truthfully I dunno anymore. I would bet there is a PH in here. The letheragy at the beginning, overly sore feeling, bit of confidence boost. Im starting to worry about gyno, and a PCT. Ugh.

    Edit - Could be tripping balls and making things up, but I'm pretty sure.

  2. could be old stock when u got it, some times companies dont sell much of a product so you dont know how old it really is. how much is your weight up?

  3. Weight is up about 5-6 pounds from the beginning of the cycle. Doesn't look like water either. if anything I look leaner? But I certainly don't feel that much bigger. Libidio was back up today in the sky so who knows.

  4. i've never used ALRI products, mostly because of iffy product info in the past... meaning that i've read some products don't have listed exactly whats in them...

  5. two and a half weeeks in and your up 5 pounds lol... and ur doubting theres something in it? if it was all natural i wouldnt cycle off...ever, but id go get something for pct or just stop taking it now.

  6. My weight is very misleading sometimes though. I know that I can gain ten pounds in a weekend by eating quite a bit. But its been constantly about 5 pounds heavier for the past few days. I may just uh... stick with it for a bit..lol. I'm curious to see how this will play out. Going to look into some pct ideas.

  7. It has a methylated steroid in it if I am not mistaken, just so you know.

  8. yikes if true and you didnt know and werent prepaired for it

  9. Quote Originally Posted by LegalGear View Post
    It has a methylated steroid in it if I am not mistaken, just so you know.
    exactly my point


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