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    Hey, I have been taking forged extreme mass now for 3 weeks and I can honestly say I feel great. I haven't put on all that much weight yet, but I'm thinking about running it for 6 weeks. I was at around 193 when I started and now I'm at 197 and a little leaner. The strength gains I have made are through the roof. I had a few questions concerning dosing and pct. The first week I was on I took two caps a day. Week two and now week three I have been taking three caps a day. Am I doing too high? I was thinking that for a pct I would use their pct plus maybe zma and lean xtreme from designer supps. Would this be good enough? I cant really get my hands on any affordable nolva or clomid. I have only noticed two down sides to this product, one being acne and oily face and the other being slight back pumps through week two, the are less and less frequent now. This is my first PH cycle so any help for this newb would be appreciated. Im also taking a joint health supp, fish oil, multi, milk thistle, glutamine, and obviously protien.

  2. I also forgot to mention that cardio F*cking sucks on this. My run time went from mid 9's in the mile and a half to the low 11's

  3. I just took a sh*t

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