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  1. Swole v2

    Hey, just started taking swole v2 today, ive been ****ting my brains out and pissing my brains out though. I also took 2 of those MRM meta-meals that ive never taken before. Maybe its because i dont mix my drinks i just stir it and drink it all clumpy, its faster that way, but i drink my protein like that lol...

    anyone have any experiences with swole like this? protein shakes and other MRP dont give me the runs but ive **** like 9 pounds out tonite lol

    sorry if this is gross, i just wanna know if maybe im having a reaction or something lol

  2. hey quick question...why did you post this in the PH forum???

    I know there can be some vicious gas from some MRPs and protein but nothing like your describing

    mods can we get this moved??

  3. First, from what I have read, you should try to mix you shakes up better to get the most out of your protein.

    Second, I have not yet tried swole v2 but I have a jug and will be soon so I can let you know about my experience.

    Third, why is this in the prohormones section??

  4. 1st...what did you mix your MRP's with? If milk, then maybe your milk is bad or your lactose intolerant.

    2nd...I haven't tried the Swole V2 yet, and have heard nothing of the side affects you are describing from it.

    3rd...you may have the stomach flu or food poisoning.

    4th...and why is this in the Prohormone section?

  5. Swole v2 will not cause the runs, it must've come from your MRPs. Swole duz cause me to piss like a racehorse. Thats why I prefer V12, it seems to carry water into the muscles better. I feel like I just pee everything out from Swole.

  6. I put this in PH section cause i couldnt figure out where else to put it, being it was about supplements (swole, MRP), and i didnt know where else to put it. Anyways i think it was just some short virus i had last night as a coincidence because its not doing the same today.

    I didnt mean i dont mix them, i just dont use a blender and ****, take a spoon, mix it up, and drink it.

    Sorry if this was in the wrong forum, my apologies.

  7. We do have a supplement section
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.


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