Long Jack?

  1. Long Jack?

    Has anyone tried Long Jack by itself?

    Its not cheap at $30 for 5 to 10g. I presume that its "powerful" in small quantities.

    Whats a "big" dosage of the stuff?

  2. Just found out 100:1 means 1kg of long jack is used to make 10g. Thats what Nutra is selling. Thats why it seems expensive. I've heard its good stuff though.

    What I have learnt is a bit surprising, you can use all the biochemical knowledge you've got and apply it to supplements and its okay but not amazing. Using an ancient herb with heaps of different compounds can be really amazing, so far its icariin with a bit of tribulus but there's maca, long jack etc... still to try.

    I think thats why DTHC is so successful.

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