first cycle xtren and mdrol

  1. first cycle xtren and mdrol

    considering using xtren and mdrol following directions and wondering if cycle assist is a good pct. this will be my first cycle. Or is there another product that i can use for adding muscle without alot of side effects. currently using slim xtream and lean xtream for fat loss.

  2. Take this to Anabolics section

    You need to read up a little more on these products.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. Like he said.... take this to the anabolics section

    and NO, cycle assist is NOT a good pct, because it isnt even a pct.

    not trying to be a douche, but seriously... you need to do a lot more research before you dive into a prohormone, especially ones like that. You might consider running the asteroid stack for a bit while you do your research on prohormones.

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