New Animal Cuts

  1. New Animal Cuts

    Anyone used the new animal cuts? I would like to use it for my next contest, and would like to know who has tried it.

  2. Do a search in the review section, there are multiple logs.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    Anyone used the new animal cuts? I would like to use it for my next contest, and would like to know who has tried it.
    The new Cuts hasn't been out that long yet and the first production batch sold out quick so that there was a delay for the second batch. Still, reviews are comin' in...

    Long before the new Cuts was launched, it was Alpha Tested as "Project C". When Animal introduces a new product, it often has regular consumers test a final prototype (earlier prototypes are tested internally and among certain athletes). For the Project C logs:

  4. This stuff works extremely well and I was very impressed. Kept every bit of size too!

  5. Thanks everyone. I will do that. It looks like a winner. Now just have to decide if I get storm too. I was thinking of using it after training with some waximaize, and bcaa.
    Sound good? 1 serving storm
    8 gm bcaa, and 40gm carb

  6. Animal Cuts, Anabolic Pump or Glycobol (your preference), and Storm would be a great cutting stack and the extra BCAAs will help with reducing doms. AP is probably the most underrated cutting sup because people always shy away from carbs. I lose more fat on higher carbs with AP then I ever do on low carbs and I am carb sensitive. Just an idea to consider.

  7. I like that idea. It may help me stay full while dieting. Thanks. I appreciate it.

  8. So is glycobol a good supplement when bulking? Also, is this stuff better than creatine? In my experience, most supplements arn't as useful as creatine, which is actually a lot less useful than the general public probably think it is.

  9. True King, but when bulking Creatine, glutamine, Additional BCAA, waximaize during and after training along with a lot of quality calories times right is key. Animal nitro, and EAA STACK are good for this. Creatine is good, but not if you are already saturated. I am kind of on a tangent, but just seeing if I can help.


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