Need help choosing a supplement/routine

  1. Need help choosing a supplement/routine

    Hello , I was looking for some supplements to buy online to help me lose some fat and build muscle . A couple of friends have recommended Furaguno , Cyclo Bolan , and Meltdown Z-14, im not really sure what the best choice is so I came here to ask you guys. Im 19 5'11 210 do 2 hrs of cardio a day and do full body workouts every other day. I currently on a diet called the abs diet it consists of 6 meals a day , whole grains , fruits, lean meats, lots of protein shakes .. the basics. Ive had previous experiences with weaker supplements such as creatine , hmb and all that other stuff you can get at gnc. Is this diet and workout plan good? If those supplements aren't too good i'm basically looking for something to help me burn fat, build some muscle, and that it isnt too harsh on my liver. Is there anything I need to take a long with this supplement like when I cycle off it. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  2. Meltdown was very good or you could go with a E/A stack. Both of these will help lose fat but not build muscle. You can always go with a test booster with the fat burner.
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  3. Why are you doing 2 hours of cardio a day? Are you training for a specific event?

  4. I play tennis everyday and run around 5 miles daily as well. I could cut down on the running and do more lifting. I just picked up on the running to help me burn some more fat. Are my diet and workout routine solid? any other supplements i should take with meltdown and a testosterone booster? Thanks for the advice pembroke

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