Starting a new cycle

  1. Starting a new cycle

    I was thinking of getting some e-stane, h drol, m drol, p plex, and x tren. Would taking those be a good cycle? Or which ones of those would be a good cycle to start. Which ones would you guys recomend for a bad ass cycle.

    Iv'e been working out for about 5 months straight now. I did a hemodrol and propadrol cycle about month and a half ago.

    21 YO
    155 lbs
    BF unkown

  2. WOW...Dude you've only been working out 5 months. I have been working out for like about a year and a half. Wow again. I think you need more time for your body to kinda naturally respond to weights. I mean I too have been looking into PH's. But then again my adult side of me realizes that,"Hey youve been making great gains on just whey protein and creatine along with other minor supps". IMHO after reading these forums night after night(which I do, kind of obsessive). You should just take the basics. Dude; Who doesnt want to get big and jacked. Seriously, Im actually looking into ph's right now. But I realize that I have a little ways to go in development. I mean from what I've read. Yes. You could make gains. Yes you could get bigger and cut. But at what expense. Dude I love life these days, dont get me wrong I've partied my [email protected] off and stuff. But when it comes to your own body. Most people have the potential of getting pretty big and muscular on a more natural level. Like I said Ive been looking into this. And once again , who doesnt want to go from dud to stud in 6 months or less. I truly believe that i have at least 3 more years before I should look at PH's. Everybody has a different look. But all im saying is" Put in those Hard workdays, Put in those hour-hour and a half workouts. Those PH's are for dudes(or dudettes) that are on top of there game. Thats all Im sayiong. I f you do decide to go with them good luck. Im not saying not to. I just think youd get the most gains if your were already in the best shape of your life!!!

  3. Thanks for the input, but can someone answer my question though. What would make a good stack cycle out of those, if I where to cycle, not saying i will though.

  4. if you are going to do it than no need for M-drol or P-plex I think the e-stane is a Epi clone I would do that you say why? I love Epi you can gain good muscle and get cut on it to
    if it's your 1st time than only do 1 PH at a time to see how your body does with it if you do 3 or 4 and get gyno/sick/have to stop than you dont know which one did that to you but if you do Epi one time and say ok I like that next time I will try H-drol well that did not do crap for me next time will be P-plex hay I like it next is M-drol well crap I just got gyno so now you know what works for you but if you did all 4 you would be wasting $$ and killing your liver and not knowing what did it to.....dont get me wrong I would love to be able to take all of that and get 30lb in a month but it does not work like that

  5. this can only end badly . . . .

  6. is there anything that you would combine to e-stane or is it good just by it self. Im taking milk thistle already so my liver is good to go. But i want to know if you would stack anything with e-stane.

    Thank for your help everyone

  7. youve only been working out for 5 months and youve already done a hemadrol/propadrol cycle? u do kno milk thistle isnt gonna save ur liver from stacking four ph. whats the point of running all those at the same time anyway when u havent even tried each one by itself? if ur 5 9 and 155 u can gain alot more muscle without jumping into a harsh cycle. im not against ph by any means but if i was u i wouldnt stack those. what was your pct for your last cycle btw?

  8. Diet and training are most important


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