Looking to start first PH cycle

  1. Looking to start first PH cycle

    Hey guys,

    I have been training for about 10yrs, diet/training/staple foods/supps in check.

    I am looking to start a mild PH cycle. Something that wont require anything more than an over the counter PCT.

    Looking to put on more size and mass.

    I have looked at Trenadrol, Propadrol, NastyMass, the ONe. I have been doing alot of research but must admit there is a ton of conflicting information so hopefully, I can get a few experienced responses.

    I have tried some non hormonal products such as DTH, MassXfx and Hyperdrol in the past with decent results but want something a little stronger.

  2. im beginning week 3 of the one and have gone up from 179 day 1, to 186 this morning and BF has gone from 14.8% to 14.1%.so currently am very pleased with the results.im going to run it for 5 weeks given im still making gains at the end of week 4.so far no sides except very minor lethargy after a long day of work, but really this happens anyways haha...my BP has stayed around the same a little spike after i work out.im taking taurine, milk thistle, EFA's and hawthorne while on cycle along with my multivitamin,protein, and creatine.For PCT im going to use the 2nd gear it comes with til the bottles gone and hypertest for 8 weeks.then of course i will continue to take the hawthorne, taurine, multiv, protein,creatine, and EFA's.(2nd gear has milk thistle in it)im going to take rampage as my PWO cus it contains forskholi(spelling ?) which will help raise my cAMP levels and might throw in some antioxidants as well. the choice is yours just my personal experience.

  3. thanks for your help! that was very informative!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nasir707070 View Post
    thanks for your help! that was very informative!
    Honestly i would suggest you to try the hms hardcore muscle stack from primordial performance. I havent use it myself but i already purchase it and i have it ready to run. You may see i been asking around lately for an option to this like you. However, it is not cause of the hms is bad for a first ph or has big sides. On the contrary, i believe in my opinion it might be the safest choice ph for a guy in your and mine situation. However, i do think it is a waste to use it for cutting in my opinion and thats the main reason why im not using it and im looking for something still mild or milder and that has otc pct easy to recover. The downside is that is a bit pricey and that might hold some.
    To me hdrol is the best choice for first timers, however, is methylated and since im a bit sensitive in this area i dont want to mess up here, in fact i dont even drink alcohol at all. But healthy people shouldnt have trouble as long as they run some support supps. with it. But those 2 are as mild as it can get and can go with otc pct.

    Im personally lurking into furazadrol at this moment, this is something im interested in and is also mild and has otc pct plus is non methylated. But it seems its problem is that it wont yield much gains. Ims still researching on it though.

    just my .02 cent.

    Maybe a more experienced guy might chime in to give some feedback.

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