Picroliv/silymarin liver regeneration study

  1. Picroliv/silymarin liver regeneration study

    Found this available at Beyon A Century for liver protection 'picroliv'. Wondering what you guys think about it. Here is the link:


    It's available at BAC.

    LIVER SUPPORT FORMULA contains 250mg Pircoliv® 4% kutkin plant extract from India, more potent than silymarin in preventing liver damage caused by chemicals and microorganisms and in restoring liver functions; 500mg Phosphatidyl Choline; 200mg N-Acetyl Cysteine; & 200mg TMG per dose, 1-3 times per day. Very bitter formula may need encapsulating. 100 grams, $9.75. Code 726.5

  2. May be promising however the jury is still out for basic things like NAC and milk thistle when used in conjunction with 17aa androgens.

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