piracetam and alpha GPC longterm,,issues?

  1. piracetam and alpha GPC longterm,,issues?

    Hello all,

    how many of you have taken either or both for months or years straight?

    was there a diminished effect afterwards?

    does one need to cycle these things? if so how often?

    when someone stops it abruptly will there be any issues?

    ive never done any cholinergic compounds before, i do like stimulants but raises too much cortisol for me so i want something that doesnt mess with adrenals.

    can i take piracetam (3g) and 500mg a-GPC pre workoute with PLCAR or creatine indefinitely??

    of is it better take piracetam afterwards to calm down?

    i have no clue here.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Nootropics ... my fav. subject.

    Piracetam - there is no obvious reason to cycle this stuff. It isn't additive and doesn't generate tolerance. It does however require a large dose to be in anyway effective.

    I have yet to get this working effectively. I would say cycle it but I don't know enough to be sure. What I looking into is how to get a synergist mix that works on the back of high load piracetam. Stims a probably a good move but it should work with other nootropic agents.

    a-GPC is a very solid compound and the best of the neuro-transmittor type biochemicals, e.g. choline, inostial, DMAE etc... It isn't cheap from memory. If you can buy it bulk please let me know. Taking a-GPC indeffinately I think would be a solid decision for neuro-health along with ALCAR.

  3. I would cycle piracetam

  4. thanks guys,

    matthias i was thinking of NOW foods a-gpc, at a certain webstore its 19 bucks for 60 caps 300mg each and i belive its the 100% a-gpc version.

    alittle difference in opinion regarding piracetam between you two,,,matthias explained nicely but rengade could you elaborate a bit more please?

    and did you guys use bulk powder or pharm grade?

  5. A-GPC is available in bulk on the web for about $26 for 50 grams, somewhere past the century mark. Me likes it.

    Strangly. piracetam jacks me up even at just a gram per day. It gives me bad insomnia, restless sleep and wacko dreams which is a shame because I like it's other noot effects.

  6. bioman yes past a centurion mark i see something

    as for your response to many chemicals you are an oddity so i cant use your experience to gauge hahah, thanks though

  7. also i get bad effects from 30mg pregnenolone,,,i wonder i will get the same sides from cholinergic compounds?? since pregnenolon is cholinergic as well.

  8. Preg. ain't cholinergenic. It does occur in the CNS.It is a neuro-steriod and is linked to mood but really everyone think DHEA is the big neuro-steriod (along with DHT - which is the biggy). Preg. is really the start of the androgen stuff.

    Weird it gives you bad effects. Really weird.

    Nicotene is a v. potent cholinergenic and gives really weird effects .... like cancer and heart disease. Don't think the cost / benefit weighs up on that one

  9. Quote Originally Posted by comacho View Post
    and did you guys use bulk powder or pharm grade?
    Don't use pharm grade - unless you are really receptive to it - buy bulk at Nutra.

  10. You might check out the imminst.org forum. There are people there who are deeply, deeply into nootropics, just as much as people here are into weightlifting.

    As far as your question, I'd say that piracetam and aGPC are about as innocuous as it gets for nootropics. If you are talking about taking 3 grams of piracetam 365 days/year, then you do have to worry about impurities. Trace impurities can build up. I'd recommend staying with good brands, esp. if they give COAs, and rotating between brands, on the chance that one brand has more impurities.

  11. good point chim chim,,,i did check out imminst while searching around, they use czech or german brand stuff i forget the name of,,,not too bad of price

    primaforce supposed to give COA to customers to we shall see.

  12. Elevated corticosteroid levels block the memory-improving effects of nootropics and cholinomimetics.Mondadori C, Ducret T, Häusler A.
    Ciba-Geigy Ltd., Pharmaceutical Research Department, Basle, Switzerland.

    Oral pretreatment of mice with aldosterone or corticosterone blocked the memory-enhancing effects of piracetam, pramiracetam, aniracetam and oxiracetam in a dose-related manner, without, however, impairing the animals' learning performance. The improvement of memory induced by physostigmine, arecoline, and tacrine (THA) was similarly inhibited. The fact that elevated steroid levels suppress the memory-enhancing effects of entirely different substances could indicate that these substances have a common site of action. In the light of new observations showing increased cortisol concentrations in Alzheimer patients, this steroid dependency of the effects of memory enhancers might explain why only a limited number of these patients respond to therapy with nootropics or cholinomimetics.



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