My weight loss journey

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    So i looked around for weight loss products. I picked up ECA Stack by sports one nutrition. (25mg of ephedra - 120 capsules - take one a day). For 40 bucks i thought this was a steal cause i would it would last 4 months

    So i took that and then looked for workout plans. MOD EDIT: read rules. and I've been using that for the last 3 months. Pretty much i just log in download the pdf workouts - bring them to the gym and boom.

    the 3rd part was just eating less calories. I really didn't know how many calories I was taking in. I really didn't I was surprised.

    If you guys have any tips so I don't plateau give me a heads up on diet, etc.

  2. which site did u get your stuff from? Ilm in need to drop wt i'm at 320- ned to get to 200. i hgave been looking for Cytomel T3 and Clenbuterol.

  3. Good stack scuba, T3 and Clen work well together. Shouldn't be hard to find online.

  4. Just my two sense guys, I'm not a doctor or a trainer anything like that what so ever.... My first comment is to the first in regards to eca stack, you know there is more involved in that stack then just ephdrine correct, I'm sure you do, but you just didn't mention what you were going to use for the ceffeine part of the cycle. Secondly be careful of t3 and clen they are some hard care supps, I to am in the process of cutting down, I currently stand about 5'8" at 210 lol short stocky old chap Just do you research on what an how each effects you I have heard and read a few bad stories about Clen, and t3 I know you have to be careful eighths dosages you intake so you don't mess up your natural production

  5. guys be very careful with t3 and clen, yes you get shredded fast, but I am now on t3 for life cause I used too much too long. Diet and cardio is a must. ECA is great to, but remember to take your breaks or you will be like me. T3 every day and stimulants have very little effect, and when this happens fat loss gets very difficult



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