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  1. vascular supps

    I got a trip to the bahammas coming up in about 4 weeks and I was wondering if there is any supps I can get to get a more vascular look. I am a big guy with a good build but nothing drops panties like vains popping out every where.Oh....I did a search with no luck.

  2. vascularity comes with low BF so if you arent around 10 or under its not gonna happen.

  3. yeah, BF% is a huge part of it. but if your in a bind, try a diuretic like Taraxatone. it'll help a bit

  4. Try citrulline malate. Thats much safer than using diuretics & is supposed to eb effective. There is a thread about Ox by SAN in the supplement forum.

    I always get increased vascularity on V12.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ironmike64
    I got a trip to the bahammas coming up in about 4 weeks and I was wondering if there is any supps I can get to get a more vascular look. I am a big guy with a good build but nothing drops panties like vains popping out every where.Oh....I did a search with no luck.
    NO2!! I have been takin this supp for about six months specifically for the vascularity I get while on it. I am about 12 - 13% bodyfat and have never had much as far as veins are concerned. I have good muscle mass, but just never had the vascularity that I wanted. After being on NO2 for about a month, my veins were exploding in my forearms, biceps, neck, and chest!! No joke, this stuff works!! It doesn't pack on the pounds that the advertisements promised, but the vascularity is unreal... at least IMO. Take 8-10 pills a day, and after a few weeks , you'll see a huge difference... good luck

  6. When taking Taraxatone do you follow the recommended dosage or is it like other supps where there is an effective dose that is more than what they say?

  7. It's a diuretic, you need to be careful as it will drain water out of your body. Follow the reccommended dose only. don't wanna end up in the hospital instead of the bahamas

  8. Ironmike64, I'm not the AM police nor am I trying to be an *******, but this shouldn't be posted in the PH section bro.

  9. If you plan to be drinking any tropical cocktails (with or without umbrellas) on your trip, I'd stay away from diuretics. That could cause serious over-dehydration.

  10. I was only asking because I took it before and didn't notice anything different.

  11. Your BF has to be pretty low for any changes to be noticeable.

  12. Captopril

  13. i have had good effects on glycerol mixed in gatorade.

  14. 1,4andro possibly..since it is supposed to convert to boldenone (Eq)

    this is said to promote increased vascularity by increasing red blood cell production


  15. and if your looking for something to use as a mild diuretic...go to a local farmers market, or organic store or something and get some dandelion will need a lot, or you can juice it but it works..

    it is pretty much the main ingredient in things like taraxatone...minus the price tag


  16. Bump on the glycerol. It's too cheap to not bother trying it.

    I wouldn't personally go overboard on the diuretics either, especially if you plan on drinking. It may also interfere with any NO type of product you use, if any (I think this topic is debatable). But regardless, NO products *can* help your buddy in the bedroom as a side-effect, so I'd lean more towards that.

  17. 6-OXO also helps with the subcutaneous water without the "dangerous" effects of diuretics. Worked great for me. Also made me feel harder and leaner.

  18. I noticed quite a bit of increased vascularity on M5AA when I was around 12% BF. Kinda pricey though..

  19. one thing i cant seem to understand is arent you supposed to keep your carbs pretty high on any NO product? how exactly do u keep ur carbs high and be trying to keep bodyfat low to show off vascularity.... ive got some syntrax nitrous and was about to use some in preparation of my spring break, in hopes off keeping a longer fuller pump on the beach, but im not ruining my low carb diet for it, besides the fact that i am on ephedrine.... (which i would have come off of if i was gonna hop on the nitrous)

  20. Concerning the glycerol:

    I use 1-2 tsp everyday just as you would creatine. When used this way, it helps to hydrate the muscles and the whole body. It only acts to pull water from you at higher doses the way I understand it. And the first place it starts is in the intestines which means you'll have the straight backs for a while. You know where you come out of the bathroom and go straight back in .

    Anyway, I've never gone above 2tsp a day but this is what I've heard. You might want to research around on this a little, or maybe someone with experience could post on this. Hope this helps.

  21. prime , did you start getting better pumps in the gym immediately, or is did that take time to build up as well

  22. i've been using Swole V2 for a month now.

    the first 2 weeks i'd thought i'd blown my money again but after about 3 weeks i started noticing much more vascularity & muscle fullness.

    i'm cutting & keeping carbs to a minimum which usually sends vascularity into hiding for me so it must be the Swole. definately recommend it.



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