activate extreme vs plain divanil

  1. activate extreme vs plain divanil

    Which would be more potent assuming you would get a bit more divanil at the same price.

  2. Great question!

    ActivaTE is great! It has Rhodolia in it which I respond to very well.

    The other thing is ActivaTE is comparatively cheap for a test booster. It is not as cheap as the Controlled lab product (Blue Gene or Blue Up I forget). Price per following it is cheap.

    So its a hard act to follow and it depends on how synergistically it is interacting with the other stuff in the mix. This I dunno. In nootropics this really important, e.g. you can take Interlectol (V... whatever its other name is) add caffeine and it kicks in strongly. By itself it does little.

    Taking bulk divanil may be more effective, would be cheaper and allows a bigger load. I know with nootropics bulk is the way to go otherwise no effect. Buying nootropics in high grade small dose is pretty much useless unless its the few most powerful nootropics around (sulbutiamine, phenibut and possibly picamilon and PEA if the delivery is spot on).

    For myself the Rhodolia is something I respond to so well and its more cost effective to buy it in ActivaTE - so thats my answer, I don't think I need to try bulk powder.

    I personally believe that divanil and Rhodolia interact positively - but its just an idea.

  3. im guessing there is 1200 mg divanil in 6 caps of activate extreme so i would be able to take 2000-2400 for the same price so better to go divanil?

  4. Activate also has I3C in it to help with estrogen metabolism.

  5. There's 400mg of Divanil per cap of AX.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    There's 400mg of Divanil per cap of AX.
    And you would know this how?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by darkvard View Post
    And you would know this how?
    It was stated that it has the same amount of Divanil per cap as Activate, which was 400mg.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. I could be wrong but I'm not sure its worth it. You can make the ActivaTE mix and cap I3C at Nutra? or is it the other stuff? Dunno where to buy Rhodolia powder.

    You need someone to get on board and say there is a strong dose dependant effect of Divanil.


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