Taurine and short term memory

  1. Taurine and short term memory

    I heard Taurine can temporarily slow down short term memory. Sometimes I do feel my short term memory lacking while on taurine. I was wondering if calcium with taurine would prevent this. I heard taurine and magnesium have a similar effect on the brain and that taking calcium with magnesium helps prevent your short term memory from slowing down. I don't know how true this is, this is just what someone told me.

  2. I've heard just the opposite with taurine and focus/concerntration levels. Of course that was just a board member's opinion.

    In my experience, I dont' get anything out of taurine, neither good nor bad. It helps me with back pumps on cycle, but no effect otherwise IME.

    If you're looking for a super cheap way to enhance mental acuity, I suggest picking up some bulk tyrosien and bulk ALCAR. Play with your dosages and I swear you will not be disappointed, especially with the tyrosine. Way cheap and way productive!

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