Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Question

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    Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Question

    Are the capsules/tablets as beneficial as the nasty real thing? I'm pretty tough when it comes to swallowing sups and such, but that is a terrible dose!

  2. I've been supplementing with the real deal (liquid) for a long time. You can get used to it after a while, but the mixing ratio has to be around 1:5 to tolerate, whether you mix with water, ginger ale, apple juice, etc. Ideally mix it around a 1:8 ratio if you really can't stand the taste.

    I recall reading somewhere that nothing beats the liquid (with "mother"), but I am sure the caps (not tablets) would have at least some benefit...

  3. i just pour some in a shotglass and let er rip

  4. I wouldnt mix it with pop. Honestly id just buck up and the chase it if you need to.
    I dont imagine the caps capture the essence of "raw" apple cider vinegar.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by urbanski View Post
    i just pour some in a shotglass and let er rip
    That's what I do lol. I think it's important to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards though because the vinegar is quite acidic and you don't want it to eat your tooth enamel.

  6. A little ignorant to the benefits of this, anyone care to share?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    A little ignorant to the benefits of this, anyone care to share?
    A quick search through some old threads here said it can help with blood and liver detox, digestion, carb regulating, Ph, and a bunch of other health benefits.
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    Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, is made by fermenting apples in a wood barrel. It can be a powerful, healthy, weapon in your arsenal. It can help you battle a variety of illnesses and flush out toxins.

    The truly useful apple cider vinegar is not the clear vinegar you find in many stores. There's no health benefit from clear vinegar. The powerful benefits are found in the natural organic apple cider vinegar with a brownish tinge to it and floating stuff inside. The floating matter is called "mother" and is formed from the pectin and apple residue. This brown vinegar is the one creating all the buzz, the one with the minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

    Several ingredients found in Apple Cider Vinegar serve to enhance its reputation as a true health benefit. Calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, malic acid and pectin are several of the minerals which it has in perfectly balanced amounts, which gets most people's attention.

    * Potassium – to avoid runny nose, hair loss, brittle teeth
    * Malic Acid – to fight infections from harmful bacteria and fungus
    * Acetic Acid - accounts for the sour taste of vinegar; lowers the blood's pH levels thereby creating an inhospitable intestinal environment for bacterial & fungal infections.
    * Pectin – facilitates regulation of blood pressure and removal of bad cholesterol

    Mix Apple Cider Vinegar with water and raw honey or nectar for a refreshing morning drink; the honey is also beneficial to your immune system and provides energy.

    * Promotes a healthy immune system.
    * Improves digestion and helps expel body toxins.5
    * Raw Apple Cider Vinegar helps clear skin irritations, like acne & contact dermatitis.
    * Helps with weight control. Taken before meals will speed up the metabolism.
    * Raw Apple Cider Vinegar has even been known to help in absorption of nutrients.

  9. Much obliged for the response. May try this sometime soon and see if I can find a good one at whole foods by me.
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    On a side note, my sis has always had a lot of problems with upper respiratory allergies, but since she's been taking ACV twice daily, she's seen a significant difference.

  11. as an aside, lyle mcondald in UD2.0 has noted that a shot of vinegar w/ each meal on carb up day helps glycogen storage.

  12. Yep, takes care of my allergy symptoms as well. Seems to enhance vitamin C.

  13. You can mix it with bi carb soda for weight loss... i take a 40ml with 1/4-1/3 teaspoon twice daily
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjfou View Post
    You can mix it with bi carb soda for weight loss... i take a 40ml with 1/4-1/3 teaspoon twice daily
    I did the ratio you suggested in 6 oz of water. Remarkably, this made the vinegar much more palatable for me. Bless you!


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