NEWB - Help Me With My PH Cycle

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    Arrow NEWB - Help Me With My PH Cycle

    Yes, I'm a know-nothing newb, and I humbly grovel at your feet for advice.

    I'm 31, about 195 @ 8.6 BF, been lifting for about eight years, and have hit a serious plateau. Never supped much with the exception of fish oils, creatine, protein, and some occasional NO2. I play a lot of ball, which is where I normally get my cardio, but age and mileage are catching up, and my wheels are losing some serious tread.

    I need some help, but I can't/won't do anything illegal.

    I'm not trying to look like Arnold - I simply want good, solid, lean, muscle, with a little extra bulk. I've decided to go with some 5-Deca-Zol, but will probably only run half a dose. So, with that in mind:

    1) What do I need for Cycle-support? (What? When to start? Etc...)

    2) What do I need for PCT? (What? For how long? Etc...)

    3) What negative warning signs should I look out for? (Moobs, etc....?)

    Help the newb people.....

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    wrong forum buddy. scroll down

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