continuing success with SX

  1. continuing success with SX

    I've been on SX for about two weeks now, my main goal was to loose some weight, over the past 2 years i gained like 50lbs! so im working on getting back down. Within the first week and a half SX kicked my metabolism into high gear - i lost approx 15lbs (175 to 160.5). Heres my problem, im not doing anything different than i did those first two weeks, but my weight loss has completely halted... and i actually went up a bit to 163.

    I fluctuate between 1 SX in am w/ 1 or 2 boosters (if i dont have a busy/long day) or 2 SX in am (when i know im in for a long day).
    I still feel it working, lots of energy and appetite suppression... just no results.

    Anyone have any ideas?? Is this normal with SX??

    Oh - i know your probably going to want to know my diet, etc. I eat clean.. fruit for bfast, salad lunch, and salad (maybe with grilled chicken) for dinner. Im not a big meat eater, and i know that will most likely be a negative for me.
    As for working out, i just moved to a new town.. so no gym membership right now... plus even if i did i probably wouldnt get there. Im spread a little thin - school full time and two jobs, but as you can imagine that keeps me active.

  2. When weight loss stagnates for a while, you need to reassess your calorie intake and activity. Those 2 will determine how well you lose weight. Your first week or so, shed a lot of water weight. Now is when it will get hard.

    Day to day weighing can be fickle, because sometimes you can find that you gained even though you dieted right. It can be a 100 different reasons why you can see a blip on the radar like that. I'd wait another week or so before worrying however. If this time next week your still the same, then up your cardio and shrink you calories back another 200 or so per day.

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    Your body also noticed the loss and is trying to stop it, give it time and follow Joes advice, you'll start losing again. Maybe add a couple of small healthy snacks between you meals try to boost up your metabolism. Just don't give up, you're doing a great job.

  4. For what it's worth, I noticed that the first two weeks on SX for me were also drastic, but after that it was a more steady 1-2 pounds every couple days.

    Definitely agree with Joe on the water weight - that's how it went for me too. Just stay hydrated now and I think you'll see more steady results. Definitely pick up a scale that measures water and body fat % if you don't already have one. Lastly - are you weighing yourself at the same time everyday? Silly question I know, but...

  5. What Joe said does make alot of sense - i probably jumped to conclusions too quick! Ill give it another week, and wont weigh myself until then... it will seem like an eternity if i dont see any improvement! (i tend to deem myself a failure if i dont get results - yes i know its bad). At that time if i see no improvement ill adjust my diet and try to get to the gym when i can, maybe that means getting an hour less sleep, but its worth it in the end...

    In the meantime im going to try to eat more frequently (like Jim suggested) but stay around the same calorie intake... otherwise i wouldnt have a baseline to work from if i need to reassess like Joe said.

    Frostie- you put my mind at ease! I still have hope! haha but good to know somebody elses body reacted the same way!! And yeah, kinda hard for me to KEEP hydrated... im trying! But as im sure you know, i pee ALOT! lol . As for the scale questions - yes every morning when i wake, before i do anything else. Lol. And nooo i dont have one of those cooool scales!!! Mines just a regular old scale, nothing fancy. Stupid ? alert -> Where do i get one of those??? and do you have a brand that you like the best??

    Thanks to all of you for your help!!! Ill let you know in a week how im making out!

  6. Another thing I would put forward - i think if you started a small workout routine you'll increase your metabolism greatly. Most of the reviews I've read about SX talk about how the energy kicks in when you need it - as in, when you're working out. Thus, I would assume if you're going to burn calories, you're REALLY going to burn calories. I think even if you take a 30 min walk around a park or something to get your blood moving a little, you'll be surprised.

    As for the scales - you can pick up basic ones at Target for $20 to $30. I can't promise that they'll be the most accurate thing around, but you'll be able to see where you are gaining and where you are losing at least. Just make sure you don't grab the one that only does BMI like my roommate did on his first try... lol.


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