Deal or no deal?

  1. Deal or no deal?

    Just spent $132 after taxes and got
    2 tubs nitrocore protien 24g protien,200 cals, 19 g carbs per scoop amazing taste one cookies cream one strawberry milkshake.
    2 45 serving containers of Jack3d

  2. you could have got 2 ATW protein shakes (5 lbs) for ~60 and jacked took like 3 scoops for me to get anything out of it which was like 2 weeks worth (for others it works great).

    I think you could have gone with alternative products for cheaper.

  3. What size on the protein?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. at NP 2 5lbs of ATW will cost you $50, 2 jack3d will cost you another $50 with free shipping and no taxes... and you'll save $32... I hope you can still return it!

  5. damn you guys are right but my nitrocore protien has 200 cals per serving and 17 g of carbs mixing it with milk and scoops give me

    530 calrories
    60 grams of protien

    and i can do 3 of those a day and they will last a month, i wanted more of a weight gainer type product.

  6. you can always add ground oats if you want to spike your protein drink, thats what I do!

  7. yea i got oats and EVOO that i put in or 1/2 fat ice cream 1/4 cup

  8. i think you lost out...i got 2 nitrocore 6lb for $50 shipped
    ..i then went back and got 3 more 3lb'ers for $9 each

  9. where did u get 2 6 pounders for 50 combined? thats insane.


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