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  1. chain'd out

    hopefully i read it correctly, i received an email from nutraplanet tonight about the specials they are running for labor day, it says chain'd out works as a cortisol blocker, can anyone verify that or does anyone know if it works as a good cort control?

  2. Alri? Who cares what it is or what it does. Shady ass company, there.

  3. not what i asked, but thanks for the input

  4. Yes it does straight from Author:
    Chain'd OutŪ Provides the Following Benefits:
    *Provides positive modulation of almost all neurotransmitters (DA, NE, SE, MAOB, Ach, GABA)
    *Highly enhances energy, focus, mood and stamina
    *Has potent anti-catabolic and anti-cortisol effects
    *Enhances oxygenation and nutrient utilization
    *Provides positive endogenous hormone modulation, including testosterone
    *Has anti-fatigue, anti-stress, anti-aging and anti-oxidant effects
    *Enhances immunity and recovery
    *Supports supraphysiological protein synthesis in muscle tissue

    *Note you will well feel the power of this matrix as it is noticeably effective within minutes.

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