Whats the proper dosage for

  1. Whats the proper dosage for

    fish oil in a day?

  2. You have over 1,700 posts and have been a member since 2006 strange your asking such a common question.

    I can only suggest Google 'recommended dose fish oil' then compile the multiple results and create your own average.

    Asking that question in this muscle forum will also get you a multitude of responses but I think they will be mostly biased to the higher end of amounts because typically people are using mega doses of fish oil.

    My own use is 2 to 6 grams / day spread out.

  3. i actually did a search and ended up confused

  4. Also, the important thing to look at is EPA-DHA per capsule. I use NOW Foods Ultra Omega 3, which has 500mg of EPA and 250mg of DHA per cap. That's as high as I've seen it, personally. Most formulations are half that. I shoot for 4 grams of EPA daily.

  5. I preffer the enteric coated because they reduce the fish burps

    copied from Now ulta omega:
    Another great feature of Ultra Omega-3 is the ultra concentrated fish oil used in its formula. With much higher amounts of DHA and EPA per softgel, you can take just 1 or 2 per day to get the 1000 mg per day most experts recommend as a bare minimum

    I see that the Now brand is enteric coated, may have to give them a try

  6. Quote Originally Posted by scoooter View Post
    I preffer the enteric coated because they reduce the fish burps
    Just so you know, the NOW product I mentioned previously is enteric coated and molecularly distilled. Good stuff.


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