Does serrapeptase interfer with protein synthesis

  1. Question Does serrapeptase interfer with protein synthesis

    anyone any idea's on this. i have read alot about nsaids interfering with Protein synthesis. who wants to throw away 50% of their hard earned effort in the gym by taking these and screwing up P syn.

    So anyway, I managed to put up with normal aches and pains until lately when i took a couple of serious injuries. now i need some anti inflamatory medication.

    creams are a waste of time so i did research and serrapeptase is supposed to be the business when it comes to anti inflamatory treatment. ( and a hell of alot of other great positives ). As it's not a perscription med I though this would do the trick. ( totally natural and apparently given out in great amounts throughout europe and Us. unfortunatley not here in the UK. )

    apparently it has none of the downsides of regular nsaids. however the info on google totally dries up when you look for info on whether it interfere's with P sysnthesis.

    anyone any idea's on this.....

  2. Hey man, it is an awsome product but please put things into perspective:

    I'll use made up numbers that mean nothing exxecpt to prove a point,

    If you use it and train 60% harder then lose only 10% of the growth response, did it hurt or help your gains?

    As I said those are arbitrary but the effect of true nsaids isn't THAT bad, really they stop some inflammation (so does cissus and people still make gains) and inhibit postglandins (which have never been shown to directly cause large muscle mass gains)

    If it helps you train and improve your life then the trade off is 100% worth it and in the end you will gain more because of the increased training volume. Some might suggest not taking your dose right before workout if you can manage. Try AM and pre-bed ect rather than right before or after training but when it comes down to it, do what it takes to be able to push yourself in the gym and in your life - don't lose things you love over minuscule risks

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